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A good rant this time

So this one’s not really a rant but I don’t know what to call it.

So over the past 6 months I’ve been trying my hardest to lose weight because I’ve been bullied because of it for years and I’ve actually made progress!

I went from having two buns (a chicken patty with lettuce, cheese and mayo) and wanting more food to barely being able to eat one. For me that’s good because it shows that my body isn’t allowing more food which it’s basically never been able to do. Over the past like 2 months I’ve been doing dancing (only in my room tho were no one can see) and I’ve lost about 2-3 kg (around 5 and a half pounds). Now for school I have a container of salad and sometimes I can’t even eat all of it!

Over the years I’ve tried to do this but haven’t been able to because I’ve either given up or haven’t shown improvements. This year I’ve been able to more in sport physically (besides doing hockey because I had a sprained tendon and I couldn’t do it), I’ve been doing lunch time sports and been able to run around with my friends playing football (Australian version) and over all feel better about myself.

In my mid year report I got mostly A’s and I only got one C because of not being able to do sport.


So there’s me saying that I’ve been doing well over the past six months😃.

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inky State Library Victoria

Lunchtime footy is the best fun! Go you!

16th Jul, 19