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Rant- School

Ok so last year I applied to get in a program called GAT (gifted and talented) at a different school about 45 minuets away, yes I would have to take a bus but that isn’t what this is about. So around March I get the email saying I’ eligible for testing. So I go to the school and do the test around the same time I got the first email. Around May I get a letter containing my results and letter saying that we would get an email on July 12th 2019 (yesterday as of writing). I spent the whole day constantly checking my mum’s phone because that’s were the email was going to. It didn’t show up. I spent the second half of the day having panic attack after panic attack because I didn’t get an email. Mind you it did say that if you didn’t get in you would be notified as well. At around midnight I had a breakdown thinking about what would happen if I didn’t get into the program. The school I’m currently at has people who want to kill me, want me to kill myself and I have 3 friends that are in different grades.

So here I am today (13th July) trying to figure out what would’ve happened for them not be this last to sending an email.

Also yes I have been checking the spam folder.

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inky State Library Victoria

Hold tight! Is it school holidays where you are? That may have held things up. Stay calm. Stay busy. Read a book. Write some more fan faction? You can't make the email appear!

14th Jul, 19